December 17, 2017

The Solo Stray Dog with Dark-Hued Angels (Poem Title) – Entranced by a remarkable individual!

Joshua 3:5 (NIV)

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

I would like to honor someone I recently met who continues to change my life on almost an everyday basis, with a poem I worked on throughout this past entire week. I believe the piece to be one of my recent best.


The Solo Stray Dog with Dark-Hued Angels

With truth in the hopeless romantic journey of another blogged poem,
Most cannot keep with the broken clock of lost time to the finish line,
But somehow, somewhere, and something within you gazes into my spirit.
You realize there is nothing you want more than to join me in relationship,
As the dark-hued angel joins her hand gently with mine.

I stray through ocean bay city walls searching for security and shelter.
Fresh from a grooming salon my shadowed angel arrives to rescue me.
She whispers sweet quotes of affirmation into my heart for safe self-keeping.
Her voice soothes the unrest that lays dormant in the chambers of my soul.

I never seek to be your excuse to cry. I never seek to upset the balance
Of our adventures through island beach scenes and Ugandan adoptions.
We find a way to make it through the periods of dry deserts
When we both know we never walk away from the hope of eyes staring.

Your brown beautiful circle gleam into my own shining blue sparkles
As I awe struck, under my breath, thank God for the angelic being before me.
With kisses so sweet and so serene, I stand captivated with smiles in this scene
As I barely wrap my head around the sinking ships sitting still in your memory.

You found me through cupid’s arrows on an internet search engine
To discover the deeper meaning of the darkness in a soul I long embraced.
With no judgment or negative thoughts present, you remembered the good
Of my narrative to save the world through the power of words in a pen.

What do I do when I lose the sound of the spring that fills my soul?
I scratch at chalk board screeches to wonder when the next prayer fulfills
The wish of your call to my ear, listening intentionally to concerns
Expressed from the depths of your heart resounding with harps so loud.

I hear you. I fear losing your presence, worried with what’s wrong
Inside from the outside looking in, with no words murmured to me.
Your grace in glamour presents a symmetrical body others jealously glare
At fine legs and slenderness models die in hopes to attain.

Always on my mind, stars eclipse in failure to shine in the bewilderment
Of love occurring close behind with short hair, body art,
And symbols that resemble miraculous meanings to strengthen the elegance
Of your name, personality, and aura of amazing wonders in light shining.

The girl with the dragon tattoo captures my attention unlike any before her.
In our name, I finding meaning so I am still holding onto you
With every effort, sweat soaked, tear, and blood drop I give
To further strengthen you’re okay with broken lights on the freeway.

This stray dog never forgets his way home to your arms in omnipotent
Love with arms wrapped around to collide sin to sin, connection
Stronger than we ever mated in dire and drastic circumstances before.
I am still holding onto your hand as I cliff dive into your life full board.

With truth in the hopeless romantic journey of another blogged poem,
Most cannot keep with the broken clock of lost time to the finish line,
But somehow, somewhere, and something within you gazes into my spirit.
You realize there is nothing you want more than to join me in relationship,
As the dark-hued angel joins her hand gently with mine.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Below you will notice some angelic artwork pictures that awed me and the words you read in this pieced blog entry. Please realize these images are not original works with the given citations and websites below.







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What do you seek to achieve? Do you tire of inadequacy? Complacency? Do you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe? -A message of greatness that rests heavy on my heart.

I saw this video yesterday, and it has resonated with me ever since that original viewing. I think I watched it six or seven times just today. Capture the inspiration of finding more inside of you.

Someone close recently hurt me several months ago without much extended explanation for a decision that impacted both our lives in my opinion towards our detriment. While I do not think this person intended to make me feel inadequate as a human being, the feelings of rejection did….like I was not good enough to be in the relationship with.

I truly do believe that God works for the good of those who follow Him, but I also believe that will power in the choice to sacrifice time, effort, sweat, blood, tears, relationships, fun, sleep, and other opportunity costs weighs in. I am not entirely convinced that those who will and work less achiever greater, trusting that God will do all the work for them. The question for both you and me stands: what are you willing to give up now to reach your destination point later?

In fact, I think we come to a breaking point at valleys in our lives whether we decide to truly want something bad enough to reach for it, or to just let it go and give up. Are you willing to try again? Are you willing to step up? Are you willing to endure?

I think most give up because with the responsibilities of everyday life, what appears impossible just seems too hard. We settle for survival to pay bills with a job we each hate to go to everyday. Then in the back of each of our minds, we negotiate with ourselves that we are doing what is right….it is okay to live in misery if I provide for my family. I am a grown up. I am too old to go back to school. I just do not have time. My kids need me, and I cannot work full time while I finish the book I always wanted to write.

Some of my goals: Right now I seek a new job where I actually want to go to work each day (first goal). Right now I seek to start a second Masters degree online (second goal). And right now I seek to meet a polite, educated girl who wants to start a family, living within close proximity of our families (third goal).

At some later point, I seek to become a nationally known speaker and author, advocating for the disabled, and I will earn a doctorate in addition to two Masters degrees, not because I have to but rather because I want to.

It does not matter what others perceive of your goals. It only matters whether you perceive if you can achieve them in your desires to accomplish.

I ask myself as I write this entry – “why can I not be the most successful man the extended Cartee family ever witnessed?” I again ask myself like Derek Rose in the above video, “Why can I not be the most successful in the league… everything there is, in everything I am, in everything I do, in everything I want to become?” I am my own worst enemy, and I determine the outcome of the predicament I find myself in. For me, this is not a pride question. On the contrary, it is a question of whether I choose to live in mediocrity or the greatness before me?

Sometimes you have to get up and realize the cost of the achievement you seek. When you lay on your backside, the only direction to look is up. Do you sulk in the downwards spiral of depressive clinginess? Do you excuse and explain every act of inaction? At some breaking point, you decide to give everything, everyone, and God your very best, or you live crumbled in feelings of inadequacy that someone else caused you to feel. I choose to reach for higher heights today because I do want to be the most successful Cartee who ever lived not just because I can but rather because I will.

The Two Way Street of Friendship – A Continuance of My Last Thoughts

You threw our friendship out based on convenience for excuses not worth the mention.

After everything we lived through you slammed the door while I sat on the door mat.

Your priorities skewed take precedence over what you consider most dear

When with pride I think you settled to treat with resignation in spite of my frown and tear.

I belong to a family of respect that taught me honor and dignity in the highest regard,

And our backgrounds affect how differently I treat others in friendships I do not easily discard.

I love others as only I seek to be loved in care with remorse in apologies and changed ways.

Your messages through shaded conversation and communication represent a hot mess.

I will leave you to live in a masked world because I seek the positive side of progress and success.

Actions finally come in wrongdoing you cannot succumb driving forward one direction down

A two way street you realize no one remained around because of inconvenience in new towns.

My conscious and morality live without cover in an example of grace that I learn and set.

I apologized with the sincerest of my beliefs that you might change your decision in mind;

However as a Christian the lessons of a Sunday morning still stay covered with the blind.

You neglected to treat me as a guest in what I considered my second home

And left me in a hotel room after an invitation with my arms folded in tears all alone.

Manically I suffered to keep my life one time by my side on you I could depend.

Behind your family you excuse loyalty in the claim to perform at your very best.

I believe other priorities exist beyond the home that many in my life best try to recognize.

We will never sing the name together Noelle at Christmas time in celebration

Because you showed no simple pleasures in a much needed and rested vacation.

I cannot forget the actions in forgiveness you never asked or extended to care.

I chose the high road of my own journey to always reach you with the fairness of a two way street.

I traveled in loyalty to spend time with you with enthusiasm but my love you mistreat.

Travel in a journey to place down your pride in the service you have yet to discover.

Forget about living in the white picket fence of a new personality to never lie in fault.

I believe you need to realize that friendship stands as a two way street

Where in future times I hope you live to love rather than sit pitied in self-retreat.

Spiritual influences necessitate open eyes that this world includes others.

Your journey involves many that one day you will ask for someone’s assistance,

But traveling on a one way street with excuses some find that no one is around

Because blame directs towards everyone where friendships are forgotten in the background.

Perhaps some never understand the metaphorical concept of a two way street,

And at least with me one less visitor can be marked off your home list.

You are forgiven, but your actions in your own right I cannot forget

That you left me stranded on the curb of a motel to wait for my airline jet.

JLC iii, 6/4/12