November 21, 2017

REACHING HIGHER HEIGHTS – What do you want to be? How will others define you? Most importantly, how will you define yourself in 2014?

In my personal life, I stay connected by keeping in touch with many friends and family, especially since I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. Relationships, both new and old, become all the more paramount in my life as I lean into new challenges and environments unfamiliar to me. Moving across the country for a new job takes its toll on just about anyone, unless accustomed to these types of locational changes, like an “army brat” would (a popular idiom used to describe someone who grew up moving all the time due to a parents’ occupation in the military).

For those who know me well, they know that I juggle many interests and talents with a strong-willed personality to grow up to “higher heights,” as I mention in many of my previous blog entries. We attain “higher heights” by reaching for goals that we ourselves, sometimes think, looking in the mirror, we cannot achieve alone….hence a need for the dependence on a Savior through Christ.

I do not want to be average. I want to be incredible on many levels. And I would hope that any believer of Jesus desires the same.

For 2014, some of my major responsibilities include but certainly are not limited to: maintaining a strong relationship with God that begins and ends each day with Him as a first thought, building a new faith-based community, meeting performance standards with my new development job, teaching online classes as an adjunct faculty, managing a small business, pursuing part time a second Master’s degree, and Lord blessed and willing, dating a significant other I actually have things in common with.

I encountered a telephone conversation with someone who questioned my ability to balance priorities with so “many irons in the fire” (another idiom that means that one might be too busy to maintain a healthy lifestyle consumed with so many commitments). Maybe I will first struggle to find my balancing act in my ambitions to reach for higher heights; however I will find satisfaction in knowing that I no longer settled for anything mediocre. I pushed myself to levels I never thought possible. I challenged myself in new ways, where all I could do was lean into God’s strength to achieve more than I ever imagined.

Just because others cannot reach for higher heights in their own self doubts does not mean that you are not capable. It is not what others think that determines your own abilities and success. It only matters what you think of yourself, and in addition to your own self-image, it most ultimately only matters what God thinks. Let the naysayers and discouragers drop by your side in their own disbelief of God’s gifts instilled in you. And reach for the greatness God planned for your journey all along. I am not sure about you. But 2014 is not just another year’s resolution for me. It is a year to build myself up and truly discover my innermost calling.

I challenge you to dig deep and discover yours as well.