December 17, 2017

The Solo Stray Dog with Dark-Hued Angels (Poem Title) – Entranced by a remarkable individual!

Joshua 3:5 (NIV)

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

I would like to honor someone I recently met who continues to change my life on almost an everyday basis, with a poem I worked on throughout this past entire week. I believe the piece to be one of my recent best.


The Solo Stray Dog with Dark-Hued Angels

With truth in the hopeless romantic journey of another blogged poem,
Most cannot keep with the broken clock of lost time to the finish line,
But somehow, somewhere, and something within you gazes into my spirit.
You realize there is nothing you want more than to join me in relationship,
As the dark-hued angel joins her hand gently with mine.

I stray through ocean bay city walls searching for security and shelter.
Fresh from a grooming salon my shadowed angel arrives to rescue me.
She whispers sweet quotes of affirmation into my heart for safe self-keeping.
Her voice soothes the unrest that lays dormant in the chambers of my soul.

I never seek to be your excuse to cry. I never seek to upset the balance
Of our adventures through island beach scenes and Ugandan adoptions.
We find a way to make it through the periods of dry deserts
When we both know we never walk away from the hope of eyes staring.

Your brown beautiful circle gleam into my own shining blue sparkles
As I awe struck, under my breath, thank God for the angelic being before me.
With kisses so sweet and so serene, I stand captivated with smiles in this scene
As I barely wrap my head around the sinking ships sitting still in your memory.

You found me through cupid’s arrows on an internet search engine
To discover the deeper meaning of the darkness in a soul I long embraced.
With no judgment or negative thoughts present, you remembered the good
Of my narrative to save the world through the power of words in a pen.

What do I do when I lose the sound of the spring that fills my soul?
I scratch at chalk board screeches to wonder when the next prayer fulfills
The wish of your call to my ear, listening intentionally to concerns
Expressed from the depths of your heart resounding with harps so loud.

I hear you. I fear losing your presence, worried with what’s wrong
Inside from the outside looking in, with no words murmured to me.
Your grace in glamour presents a symmetrical body others jealously glare
At fine legs and slenderness models die in hopes to attain.

Always on my mind, stars eclipse in failure to shine in the bewilderment
Of love occurring close behind with short hair, body art,
And symbols that resemble miraculous meanings to strengthen the elegance
Of your name, personality, and aura of amazing wonders in light shining.

The girl with the dragon tattoo captures my attention unlike any before her.
In our name, I finding meaning so I am still holding onto you
With every effort, sweat soaked, tear, and blood drop I give
To further strengthen you’re okay with broken lights on the freeway.

This stray dog never forgets his way home to your arms in omnipotent
Love with arms wrapped around to collide sin to sin, connection
Stronger than we ever mated in dire and drastic circumstances before.
I am still holding onto your hand as I cliff dive into your life full board.

With truth in the hopeless romantic journey of another blogged poem,
Most cannot keep with the broken clock of lost time to the finish line,
But somehow, somewhere, and something within you gazes into my spirit.
You realize there is nothing you want more than to join me in relationship,
As the dark-hued angel joins her hand gently with mine.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Below you will notice some angelic artwork pictures that awed me and the words you read in this pieced blog entry. Please realize these images are not original works with the given citations and websites below.







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San Antonio Skies Still Streaming – a poem about a new presence (by James Cartee)

date3_editedIt has been a good while and long time since I met anyone who sparked any interest to date and know more on a deeper level. Who knows? – perhaps this changed at this moment described below.

I currently write a new book of thirty-five poems to release in the fall. While not in that publication, this new piece comes from deep down in my own heart. The good emotions in life are certainly to be celebrated in the moments they occur.

San Antonio Skies Still Streaming

Astonishing to the veins pumping of my usual existence,
You appear in the San Antonio midst of museum masterpieces.
I smile without what to know, think, or do.
You breathe hard as your cool body suddenly raptures with heat.
As the tall figure of beauty steps forward, one inch above my height,
I awe in the rush of lustful thoughts at the kiss near our goodbyes.

Nobody lands perfectly upon the earth at our day of creation;
However glamour in well-curved shape brings unexpected grins.
We think constantly of each other after our greeting at the river walk.
I persist in temptation to ask that my sweet sin be purged again.
Everything will change the minute you decide that nothing stays the same
With a new direction in determination that you seek to stay with me.

I catch the glimpse of moonlight that captures your legs
Embraced in the race to my own intimate relationship.
When you cling into one with the blood of orange and blue,
You honor the decision to trust that change brings betterment
For something more close than you imagined before now.
We two-step into a new life to understand that hope floats.

The heart of Texas beats to a new story fairy tale song
With the start of a professor and nurse in ministry joined together
To change the world in the face of dark times without fear.
A sleek thin model with dark but still naughty eyes
And short hair with an image compared to the girl with dragon tattoos
Stares into the bottom of my own brokenness to discover more.

She takes my gentle hand to start a new step, with one concern at a time,
In the second before our magical moment of a first kiss.
We entwine longer than creative minds depict in artwork.
Rainbows light the morning sky. Sunsets dawn the shadow of lips sealed.
I prepare my heart for yours in the daylight of any disaster
Because I have been waiting decades of endless minutes for your arrival.

JLC iii, 3/28/14

Year of 2014, A Poem of New Year Extraordinary Magnitude

Year of 2014 (Title of Poem)

In the year 2014,
I will never be like the disgrace you are.
In the year 2014,
God will heal the soul torn scar.

In the year 2014,
I will lead in the capacity you failed.
In the year 2014,
Your cowardly ways God already unveiled.

In the year 2014,
I will leave this Pharisee far behind.
In the year 2014,
God teaches me to touch the hearts of all mankind.

In the year 2014,
I will bring Glory to His Heavenly Name.
In the year 2014,
Your dishonor paints the truth of your shame.

In the year 2014,
I will let go of doubt, disdain, and disgust.
In the year 2014,
God builds once again my living trust.

In the year 2014,
I will never again react in the anger you enticed.
In the year 2014,
Your pride offsets the forgiveness of sins in Christ.

In the year 2014,
I praise the Lord for adversity you created.
In the year 2014,
God knows that your day predestined stands dated.

In the year 2014,
I will remember the blessings in lessons I won.
In the year 2014,
Your mistakes in my life are now withdrawn.

In the year 2014,
I will rise to higher heights in new found inspiration.
In the year 2014,
God solidified a new found unshaken firm foundation.

JLC iii, 12/14/13

Can I Get a Break, God? A inspired reminder through a friend’s story of heartache….

I met Fredric Gray at The Florida Christian Writers Conference in March of this year at 2:15 am EST in the morning when he woke me up in the criminal offense of breaking down my conference center hotel room door. Mark Hancock, director of the conference, forgot to instruct me that my con roommate would wonderfully disrupt my dream of meeting Tinker Bell in a fantasized REM slumber that I, James Cartee, would soon change the world. While surrounded in the Floridian swamp lands, I thought a serial killer banged on my door. After an unexpected wake up call so early in the morning, I thought I might soon kill Mr. Fredric Gray that early morning.

I soon realized that Fredric was no felony offender with a belly laugh that would do God proud. He profusely apologized, and when I finally awoke, I came back to my senses that his encouragement would further boost my writing career forward for higher heights.

Fredric’s example in Christ would further illustrate the peacemaker resemblance of Christ to rejoice in tragedy. His natural inclination keeps me motivated in down times when I seem to hourly ask God, “Can you please give me a break already?” People like Fredric remind me that in times of good and bad we bring Glory to God, even if we do not want to. That should innately become the response of any believer. His message posted on Facebook below still resonates with me even 10 days later.

So, our fifth child went to be with God. Heather called me on Wednesday night on my way to our church Bible study and told me she was bleeding a little bit, kind of like the spotting that so many pregnant women experience, but a little worse. She convinced me not to come home, and things got better. When it continued Thursday, we called our midwife and she came over Thursday night with concerns of her own. She scheduled us for an ultrasound for Friday. At this point the bleeding really wasn’t that bad.

But Heather woke me up at 4am telling me she felt like she was giving birth. It all was so surreal. I was part in empathy mode, and part denial. She kept telling me, “this is it. we are losing our baby.” I just didn’t want to believe it, even though I knew it could happen.

About 5am, she labored the baby, along with a whole lot of blood out. It was very hard for us. Well, it was hard for me. I think she was having a harder time before, and I had a much harder time afterward.

She continued to bleed for short time, and we prayed and went to bed. She said the most encouraging thing to me. She casually, and warmly, said “this is our first baby that is with God.” I never thought of it until she said it, but I found it SUPER-ENCOURAGING!

As that thought guided me while going to sleep, all I could think about were people that lost their children, either through miscarriage or after they were born.

While working, Heather called me on my cell phone around 9am telling me that she was bleeding badly. I came home and helped her, and almost ended up taking her to the ER.

Noelani and Maleia just kept bawling their eyes out, in ways I have never seem them do so. Malachi and Amairah were oblivious. In the midst of crying, Maleia, cute as can be, held up both of her hands and said, “we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl!”

Because of that, Heather and I had already named our baby a gender neutral name. When Maleia said that, we were happy to tell her the baby’s name–Noah Christian.

Noah means rest, or repose (often with God), and Christian is a reminder of how we get to be with our baby again one day.

So, I have tons of work to do, and many messages to respond to, and we have kind of let discipline go out the window for now. But we have been praying a lot, and having unforgettable conversations with our children. Heather has needed to be on bedrest, just like a woman who gave birth and is at risk of losing more blood.

So, I just wanted to share this. If you read this far, thanks for reading.

Noah Christian Gray.

Yeah, a gift from God.

Fredric Gray, 4/6/13

I wrote the following poem in response to Fredric’s testimony in the midst of tragic events. This poem will more than likely become published in my next poetry book with thirty-three poems and photographs.

Noah Christian, The Journey Home

Our loved one
Our lost son
That nothing remains undone
For Noah Christian
Traveled the journey home
Solace knowing
He passed not alone
Settled into the arms
With our Loving Sheppard
He sleeps well
As our gift from God
Surreal in the state
Felt as a prevailing reality
We live to worship
In the tragedy of loss
To know better yet to come
Children cry
To never forget
Always miss
The sibling never known
But always remembered
Noah at the meaning of rest
Another challenge
Another test to faith
Grace present in a bled state
Loss pours into grief
Perhaps with some relief
In the heart of the matter
To know our loved one
Our lost son
That nothing remains undone
For Noah Christian
Traveled the journey home

JLC iii, 4/9/13

While inspired with words of my own from the life of Noah Christian, through Fredric Gray, this song by Jason Mraz further motivates believers in Christ why we cannot give up on the dreams before us. Like Fredric’s example to glorify God no matter the circumstances, we press forward to inspire those around us in our examples.

The Yoga Guru Suspended in Time, a poem of her own uncertainty.

Yoga Meditation

I met my guru at a wedding of all places.
Her peace shined bright among the many faces.
Through a camera lens I stared captivated
The time lapse of a picture felt a second sedated.
A thin figure for which models die,
And long waves that swayed every fair eye.
Miss Green lost the center of attention
In the silent minute eye of beauty in suspension.
I struck up a sentence with nervous knees knocking
I would fall if I tried to stand and start walking.
We sat and began with her Mom to talk.
In sweet words seconds stopped time’s clock.
She said yes when asked for a gentleman call.
I breathed deeply at the wishful thought I recall.
We met on two present moments not easy to forget.
Her new pursuit for Christ appealed to me I admit.
You do not text. You do not Facebook. You do not call.
The guru ignored me once my hopes stood in free fall.
Many promises fail to keep when girls mistake
The risk involved in moves we guys tend not to make.
No risk involves the wait for a guy to step forward
In the girl we pursue and move toward.
The Yoga Guru taught me to presently just be
To enjoy James Cartee in the moment I see.
I stand still to catch the drop of rain in my hand;
However with a regret for fondness unplanned
As soon as our cheeks touched she disappeared.
Too late for my heart in the chance I feared.
With the old nice guy words and excuse
She left me so I now sit in my own silent muse.
She claimed the enjoyment of our conversations
In the midst of her own yoga inspirations.
How can I believe anything you say
When you run with no chance convinced to stay?
You never gave this romance
The deserved prayer answered for a chance.
Arms wide open knees bent in this stance
I believe you were afraid of the dance
In your own warning, you took it so serious
Your unmet lips leave me delirious
Because my yoga guru defines mysterious
I stand here for your words enchanted,
But I struggle to let go with the wish I just can’t.
The hurt you fail to see and possibly even care
With the way of the wind a risk you despair
In the security of something so sweet so rare
Travel you avoid life to be caught in the snare
You left with a chance you could not bear.
The Yoga Guru failed in her own present lesson to be
When she decided she could not take a plunge with me.

JLC iii, 12/22/12

I looked for many videos on beginner Yoga movements for those interested. Some in my limited view came across as weird. This female instructor portrayed someone normal.

Hope in The One Who Comes Next – Poetry by James Cartee

This photograph is just one of many taken in Peru and other areas of South America by creator of this blog, James Cartee. His work is available for view and purchase at the following website:


Hope in The One Who Comes Next – Poetry by James Cartee

I miss the sound of you
That strikes my heart.
Strings play beautiful symphony music
At the steps of your pace.
I never won with a crush
On the playground
With a wild imagination.
You would not have me
At the end of my pursuit in the chase.
I lost without remorse
For in my heart
I gave it my absolute all;
I gave it my absolute best.
I stand proud today hopeful
In the one who comes next.

With continual struggle of stagnancy
In a new home I loathe,
Even three years after last contact
Through mutual good byes,
You stand and serve
In frequent mindful imagery.
In transition as a partner in presence,
I dream you would alleviate my fallen feelings.
I was wrong to expect such from God
And from you in circumstances beyond control.
Somehow I still feel you lost,
But many choose to play it safe
Without running the risk to take ministry
To a newfound level for thousands.
I shock and shine others in unseen ways
With outgoing boldness unlike most people.
I cannot fathom a lifetime without
Service towards a higher purpose.
We serve in an army of light
For the salvation of the lost,
The plight of the fatherless,
And the next coming of The Christ.
You poisoned me with false words,
And I fell into the bear trap
Of an abyss with no end.
I imagined in a message from God
What would never be.
If only you saw what I see,
Then hearts connect for eternity.
It no longer matters what you want
Because together we serve God
In His timing, in His ways,
And to the very end of our earthly days.
You missed the journey,
And now I gallop into the sunset
With my White Knight,
Unstoppable alone until the end comes.

I miss the sound of you
That strikes my heart.
Strings play beautiful symphony music
At the steps of your pace.
I never won with a crush
On the playground
With a wild imagination.
You would not have me
At the end of my pursuit in the chase.
I lost without remorse
For in my heart
I gave it my absolute all;
I gave it my absolute best.
I stand proud today hopeful
In the one who comes next.

JLC iii, 11/9/12

The Fourth Quarter Win – Poetry by James Cartee

This photograph is just one of many taken in Argentina and other areas of South America by creator of this blog, James Cartee. His work is available for view and purchase at the following website:

The Fourth Quarter Win – Poetry by James Cartee

Disappointed at times with my own risks taken,
I stare into the mirror with regrets and doubts
As I refresh my face with splashed water.
God called me here to improve my spirituality,
Yet stagnant I am not able to jump heads in.
I press to all-in extremes with other talents in life.
When home imagery stands still in my mind,
I grow weary, lonely, and slow inside.
Promises in patience strain my tired brain cells.
You mold me into a leader to strive and achieve,
To never settle for less,
And to praise you, praise you, praise you.
I live in the fourth quarter to win the game.
Inch by inch, yard by yard, play by play,
This running back never stops coming forward.
First down after first down,
Jesus serves as my quarterback on this eternal team.
We triumph in this fourth quarter battle every time.
Bring it! Let’s go! Come on!
You cannot bring us down
In any town, on any field, and any moment.
With my Christ strengthened body, mind, and spirit,
I rise and resurrect with the best of character.
I cannot fail. I cannot stumble to the ground.
I leap with sprints towards storms.
I live in the circle of fire.
Solo and alone in Christ within the darkness,
I embrace my purpose in the shadowed clouds
And will not give in no matter the resistance,
The adversity, the barriers, and lack of human energy.
I score the winning touchdown
With my last minute momentum.
Tick tock, I am stopped by no clock,
No field goal block,
Pressure in the second pulls me in
Because with Christ I am unstoppable.
In every play I always win.

JLC iii, 11/1/12

An Old Poem Published – Libby’s Goodbye

I wrote this poem as a “Good-Bye” to a girl who at one time rocked my world for a very short period where our time together seemed like time standing still. Unfortunately with circumstances beyond my control, it just did not work out. Libby had a good heart and saw the best in me, past my faults, a quality many in today’s society lack the ability to do. This poem will be included in my soon-to-be-contract-signed book, Charismania.

This poem also reminds me of another girl I recently pursued. While less traumatic than Libby, many of the details correlate on many just the same as before. I guess we travel through some repetitive seasons once in 2007 and now in 2012 with another girl.

Libby’s Goodbye

When things don’t exactly go your way,
Asking God to let them do so is often what people pray.
The other night I got an email with one phrase that tore my heart.
My hopes in something anew were torn apart.
I had a sunset evening to express myself,
But because of fear, I put my strong feelings on the shelf.
All the signs led to interest N. B. would say,
And my heart is incomplete at the end of the day.
I didn’t get a chance, and that was my own fault.
Every time I see you, the baby inside me does a summersault.
Your presence in the same room as myself makes me feel alive.
The burst within my heart feels like the explosion of a beehive.
With thoughts of your Grace and my regrets, I lie awake at night.
In your soul and spirit for life, I see the Lord’s light.
An extra perk is that I notice you are a gorgeous sight.
On Folly Beach staring at the ocean, wishing you were there felt so right.
Returning into a place and town that I have come to love,
God sent some unsettling news from above:
“I’m dating a young man that I’m completely head over heels for.”
On my heart slammed a knife and a door.
Jets will continue to fly, and eagles will continue to soar.
I yearn to get to know you more.
Jealousy to be with you is a root of many sins,
But once more, I am only one of many men.
Through a thousand thorn bushes my heart will go,
Through hundreds of hills and mountains of snow,
I must learn to have faith in God and trust in Him I know.
Because of you if you are even aware, in Him I continue to grow.
Told that dating or a relationship would not happen for awhile,
I thought I had more time to sprint my mile.
The lesson: Don’t hesitate to act!
I’m extremely sorrowful because of that life lesson and fact.
At this point in time, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do
If I knew that it would create happiness within you.
To hold your hand in a Hero movie and make a memorable first kiss,
This is an adventure that for right now I must miss.
Whether dreams come true or a friendship becomes a fable,
My feelings are now known. They are on the table.
Who knows what will happen with the story?
But I don’t care as long as I give God the glory.
Through all my being, moments, and strife,
God is my refuge. He is the center of my life.
No matter what happens…I will always be here.
I may wallow in self-pity or shed one of many a tear.
For my heart is hurting to now be by your side.
Sometimes one must not be selfish and therefore in himself hide.
I am cocky, confident, and I have much pride.
I will do my best to not let that stand in the way of your story and lifelong ride.
I have recently learned that the center of any relationship is communication.
Openness, sincerity, and honesty can make a friendship and inspiration.
Thirty seconds with you creates inside of me a lovely, spine tingling sensation,
But our lack of communication has generated a broken  heart
For the possibility of a close relation.
Someone else stole the dance,
And I didn’t even get a fair chance.
Reluctant to give me your time,
I was cut off long before I ever wrote this rhyme.
Perhaps you were fearful of the God-filled passion that lives within me,
But honestly, my heart and that passion was something
With which you took no time to analyze and see.
I want to be your friend.
As a true friend, I am there until the very end.
Does your boyfriend have that passion to live?
Does he have the will to unconditionally give?
Does he have direction and know what he wants?
Does he aimlessly search through life as a routine and have no crazy stunts?
Without a shadow of a doubt, does he care for you with all his being?
When he looks into your eyes, does he honestly know what he is seeing?
I must learn to leave you be and just let go
Because being with you is something that will probably never happen;
This I now know.
I drew this picture of what you described to me
Before you hooked up and him you were with.
If I gave it to someone else,
It would not be for that other and in itself become a myth.
My talent for art in this piece I hope that you like.
Back to the beach soon I might soon go to reflect and hike.
Your uniqueness makes desires for one to become a better man
Through which God reveals himself and his intimate individual plan.
Staring at the specs of stars and the visibly white moon,
I hope to see God’s blessing even more in your life very soon.
With you, I would love to just hang out,
But this may be all I can give
Because of the hurt you have caused without a doubt.
Although for me this may be crappy and sound somewhat sappy,
I will do my best to serve you and do whatever makes you happy.

JLC iii, 2/23/2007

No Longer Here – Another Poem from a Year Ago Shared

You underestimate the beauty of your heart apparent in the light so clear.
All I wanted was the right partner to dance in my approaching thirtieth year.
Well now in pursuit you no longer possess any reason for further fear
Because when you turn around I will no longer be here.

Your attention seems limited at best through conversation and the written word;
However I cannot resist the draw of your bow and string.
Focused on God beyond humanly measure,
For in heaven above, you confidently claim your promised treasure.
I cannot gather your undivided attention to save the life of hope
As every word slides down the slippery slope of sand lost.
Men try often beat down with trickery for future diligence to see
And overlook the strengths of my relationship with Christ in me.
You’re caught up in the net of life with youth of what next to do
And missed the guy made of dreams before your very presence.
You made up your mind with honesty shared
Even in friendship I wonder if you really cared.
God-destined and God-gifted you push boundaries beyond
Where another misses out if they fail to know you.
I seek to know the beautiful you remembered from a few years ago
Because with messages written hearts began together to grow.
You blow my expectations beyond in the mirror with your image daily seen
Because I sit still in prayer mesmerized by the person I believe you to be.

You underestimate the beauty of your heart apparent in the light so clear.
All I wanted was the right partner to dance in my approaching thirtieth year.
Well now in pursuit you no longer possess any reason for further fear
Because when you turn around I will no longer be here.

JLC iii, 8/19/11

The Two Way Street of Friendship – A Continuance of My Last Thoughts

You threw our friendship out based on convenience for excuses not worth the mention.

After everything we lived through you slammed the door while I sat on the door mat.

Your priorities skewed take precedence over what you consider most dear

When with pride I think you settled to treat with resignation in spite of my frown and tear.

I belong to a family of respect that taught me honor and dignity in the highest regard,

And our backgrounds affect how differently I treat others in friendships I do not easily discard.

I love others as only I seek to be loved in care with remorse in apologies and changed ways.

Your messages through shaded conversation and communication represent a hot mess.

I will leave you to live in a masked world because I seek the positive side of progress and success.

Actions finally come in wrongdoing you cannot succumb driving forward one direction down

A two way street you realize no one remained around because of inconvenience in new towns.

My conscious and morality live without cover in an example of grace that I learn and set.

I apologized with the sincerest of my beliefs that you might change your decision in mind;

However as a Christian the lessons of a Sunday morning still stay covered with the blind.

You neglected to treat me as a guest in what I considered my second home

And left me in a hotel room after an invitation with my arms folded in tears all alone.

Manically I suffered to keep my life one time by my side on you I could depend.

Behind your family you excuse loyalty in the claim to perform at your very best.

I believe other priorities exist beyond the home that many in my life best try to recognize.

We will never sing the name together Noelle at Christmas time in celebration

Because you showed no simple pleasures in a much needed and rested vacation.

I cannot forget the actions in forgiveness you never asked or extended to care.

I chose the high road of my own journey to always reach you with the fairness of a two way street.

I traveled in loyalty to spend time with you with enthusiasm but my love you mistreat.

Travel in a journey to place down your pride in the service you have yet to discover.

Forget about living in the white picket fence of a new personality to never lie in fault.

I believe you need to realize that friendship stands as a two way street

Where in future times I hope you live to love rather than sit pitied in self-retreat.

Spiritual influences necessitate open eyes that this world includes others.

Your journey involves many that one day you will ask for someone’s assistance,

But traveling on a one way street with excuses some find that no one is around

Because blame directs towards everyone where friendships are forgotten in the background.

Perhaps some never understand the metaphorical concept of a two way street,

And at least with me one less visitor can be marked off your home list.

You are forgiven, but your actions in your own right I cannot forget

That you left me stranded on the curb of a motel to wait for my airline jet.

JLC iii, 6/4/12