December 17, 2017

Until the End of The Line – The bond of family that no force can break…. (Captain America’s Motto)!

“Then finish it….cause I’m with you til’ the end of the line.” –Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

You will find the scene depicted here with the memorable quote. It would benefit you to watch this and truly understand the significance of my written words here.

I have learned the value of family relationships with a blunt reminder when two close loved ones died this past year….two grandparents fighting an incurable cancer. My father recently turned sixty years old with two grandchildren and Lord-willing, three more to eventually come. My grandfather (my father’s Dad) turned eighty-six. As I grow older, a natural hardship with life tends to be the loss of those precious to us, and more continue to pass with each new year forward.

My grandfather is James Louie Cartee Senior. My father is James Louie Cartee Junior. And my name is James Louie Cartee, the Third. I have never figured out where Louie came from; however I am grateful to still have these two men in my life….continually present to help me in any hardship that comes my way.

Many families break up. Many families fall apart. Again thankful, my mother and father never separated for any reason. That same observation is true with my sister who has now been married for slightly over ten years. While strong marriages last over time with a promised commitment to the mind, body, and soul, many fall apart for often various complicated reasons. Humans, by nature, are sometimes very selfish and even flakier when it comes to true commitment. Humans want the easy path, and therefore some people easily quit—no matter what the difficulty, always running away from their problems.

My father and grandfather never gave up on me, even when I failed to believe in myself. The same evident truth can be said of their commitment to marriage with one person.

I took the reality for granted that I could lean into others, family and friends. I never needed to ask the question if they would be there. I just always knew the answer. I’m with you til’ the end of the line.”

No matter what happens….no matter what conflict occurs….and no matter when I fall to my face, both men serve to stand at the front lines with me, side by side, hands held in unity.

While you really need to watch the two movies or read the comic books to understand my references in the video above, the scene illustrated represents the bond of family and solid friendships in my own personal circles. Captain America, known by his common name as Steve Rogers, refuses to fight once best friend, James Buchanan Barnes. Several years before in the 1940s (now modern day 2014), Barnes was experimented upon with a risky surgery to replace an amputated limb with a metal cast, super-strength arm. He was then tortured and brainwashed for several months to turn evil. He almost died due to previous war injuries. Fictionally he was cryonic-frozen, where his cells slowed to endure a lifespan much longer than any normal human being. Therefore he would resurface and fight Captain America seventy years later, from the historical time period of when their real friendship started.

Before I venture too far off the scene’s plot, The Winter Soldier was Rogers’ nemesis in this movie sequel. At the end of the movie, Rogers refuses to fight, even though he would probably have killed Barnes as a result of his combat skills. In previous battle sequences with the movie, as also hinted by the comic books, Captain America possessed a distinct fighting advantage over “Bucky” Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Rogers believes in the deeper good that still exists in Bucky Barnes. Some characters viewed Barnes as a lost cause who would never again return as his original self, the comrade who once fought by Rogers’ side and not against him.

In his refusal to fight back, Captain America falls to the water as the helicarrier plunges to its destruction. Unconscious, a metal arm reaches to rescue Rogers before drowning. The plot infers that The Winter Soldier can still do good and act honorably, no matter the evil committed or the brainwashing with memories erased.

That is also the bond of a grandfather, father, and son, all whom share the same bloodline and the same name that understands commitment with renewed faith. I never ask for help because of the men I know both these individuals to be. I know that each of us would and will always say, “I’m with you til’ the end of the line.”


Until The End of the Line – Poetry That Never Betrays (by Photographer, James Cartee)


(original photograph by James L. Cartee, III)

Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home, Corpus Christi, Texas
Nothing Separates Our Shepherd Until The End of The Line
February 10, 2015

Until The End of the Line

While fighting against the supposed advocate, I did not know who you truly were.
You showed yourself in the blue punk daft of a teenage skateboard chick.
Society presents flakes at a sudden moment’s notice in the second;
However I saw a sudden fascination deeper inside cognitive health traumas.

After a few months’ time, starting again to realign priorities with opportunity,
Eyes open to sunrises and sunsets on ocean fronts to fit the pair created
In heavenly times from the very onset of the wombs’ conception to breathe.
I gaze from the Vulcan’s monument to realize the captivation of paths collided.

Darkness causes memories to fade in the mental drunkenness stupor
With continuous exertions to forget and even ignore the adversity in relationship
From a break-up in time from over a decade ago when roses wilted
And close relatives died in grief alone with no one around.

“I’m not going to fight you. You’re my friend.” – mentioned the cowboy city slicker.
Leadership, rather than management titles, brings forward examples set to inspire.
Inspired you were to work, write, educate, and bear my Ugandan children.
I believe that your hard work beats anyone’s talent when talent does not work hard.

You stand by me. You serve by me. You travel with me. Your share your soul with me.
No longer the bare essentials of survival mode, we push barriers to break for more
In the purpose-driven foundations that God has abundant blessings ready and given.
Our journey took an unexpected path to bring my belief in beauty, once again, back to life.

You took me by surprise. You stole my heart. You held my hand tighter
With fingers interwoven where I knew you would never let go
To die, to surmount, to live, to decline only to rise from death,
In April hotel room showers, fireworks sounded off at the bliss of a new beginning.

Hope arose. Angels cheered. Destiny prevailed.
And home-bound, you received the answer from heaven in your walk
That brought us closer, not farther in distance,
Because from Austin to the ocean, we made our 2,000 mile desert journey.

Tracks in sand simultaneous together stuck like Elmer’s glue,
With the example of Grandfather, Father, and now son, all of the same name,
I honorably commit myself to finish this race with where I eternally started,
Because I’m with you until the end of the line.


March 6, 2015


(original poetry by James L. Cartee III)

THE BOOK TOUR – one small step at a time….Auburn, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Corpus Christi

I often grow impatient with myself and where I think I should be in life, instead of where God has me, right now in this very moment. I overlook the obvious blessings and the successes currently in front of me. My two newly released books, through Woodson and Knowles Publishing Group, titled Twenty-Three Deeply Rooted Confessions and Thirty-Five Virtuous Blueprints, illustrates movement forward, going somewhere instead of nowhere. The first text contains 23 poems and 23 photographs and the other, 35 poems and 35 photographs.

While most never get rich off poetic words combined with photography, there is still pride in the creation of a traditionally published book. It is one more step in the right direction….an eternal direction where dreams eventually await me. The greatest of achievements in life involve climbing over the highest of mountains one step and hand hold at a time.

I have scheduled the following book tour and signings in the next month for the two books mentioned before. I would very much like for you to attend and celebrate this recent accomplishment with me.


Thursday, October 2, 2014, 7:00-9:00 PM
At The Gnus Room
108 S 8th St
Opelika, Alabama 36801



Thursday, October 9, 2014, 3:00-6:00 PM
At McKay’s Bookstore-Chattanooga
7734 Lee Hwy
Chattanooga, TN 37421



Sunday, October 5, 2014, 7:00-10:00 PM
At the Inman Perk Coffee Bookstore
240 North Highland Ave., Suite H
Atlanta, GA 30307



Saturday, November 1, 2014, 2:00-4:30 PM
At Lori’s Booknook
1005 E Concho St
Rockport, TX 78382

Pictures with Dad on a Dusty Shelf – a poem dedicated to all good fathers. Happy Father’s Day!


I wrote this poem almost ten years ago to capture a tale of what it would feel like to view pictures on a wall and then look on the life I shared with my father, together or perhaps one day after he passes.

The included picture captures the essence of a son leaning on his father’s shoulder, fishing, looking over him to learn the art. They spend time together, as Dad and son, at Folly’s Island, near the Morris Island Lighthouse, making memories. I capture the moment, from a distance, with a camera to create a photo that touched many of my readers over the last several years. The words of the poem reinforce the idea that moments with fathers are indeed always special and precious ones to be cherished and remembered.

Pictures with Dad on a Dusty Shelf

Pictures with memories are all around.
Truth and love in these memories is what I have found.
A Father and a Son-there is no force so strong.
It pains my heart when I have done you wrong
Or when I am away from family for periods so long.

Through these photographs, it is evident that you are my best friend.
As your son, I will serve you until one of our lives comes to an end.
Because of your will to work hard, my foundation has been set.
Against my family, I will stand up to any threat.

Pictures of you remind me to never, never quit.
Reflections of my father make me smile when I come to relax and sit.
Smiles in pictures make moments come alive.
To be a man of God becomes the passion for which I strive.

Fifty years is so much more than one can ask before they pass.
To my father on his fiftieth birthday, I must raise my glass.
Despite my selfishness, my flaws, and my pride,
As my father, you live honorably with your example in the choices you decide.

One day when you are unfortunately gone,
I will be paying the boy next door to mow my lawn.
I will stare at the pictures of the memories that will never fade.
Tears will flow, but I will always be grateful for those good times, the sacrifices that were paid,
And the abundant moments of love, together as father and son that we made.

December 2, 2006

I posted this picture today on Facebook to commemorate one of the many memories I spent with my father, both of us displaying our pride for Auburn University at Christmas time, Gus Malzahn style. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! And Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there who live and make kids like me proud to call “Dad” by the distinguished title of a parent who earns the privilege to care for a family.


My Grandmother, Dot Cartee, In Passing and In Memory….The poem that shakes the southland!!!


Over ten years ago, I wrote this message to my Grandmother Cartee (my father’s mother), who died late last night, February, 27, 2014. I will be writing about her memory over the next several days, but I believe this poem will serve as a reminder of how I remember her, as a college student and even now as a real world working adult.

To My GrandMa:
A Valentine’s Message!!!
February 14, 2003

Grandmother, you must know how special you are to me.
Your Christ-like desire to serve is what I love to see.
My back is starting to itch; can you scratch it?
I am getting so skinny; as Grandfather says, my jeans no longer fit.
But that’s okay; some don’t understand my own style.
Today I hope this rhyme sure makes you smile.
I have love to encourage; I love to see happiness in others.
I guess that is a quality that Grandsons inherit from Grandmothers.
Prayers to God, and his blessings He sends.
With my Grandmother, there never seems to be an end…
Cooking real good food, doing some laundry, getting some rest.
With love and support, I will always pass life’s long test.
More patient than perhaps I will ever be;
Thank you for being the person you are, and thank you for loving me.
Prayers I send to heaven, and let me tell you God will talk.
In His presence, I am starting to learn and walk.
Learning from his standards, learning from your ways,
Love thy neighbor as thyself; my name is James. My name is not Ray.
Common mistakes and common miscallings;
I know that you are there to catch me if I am falling.
To have my Grandparents still around, many would say this is not fair.
For me, I know you truly care.
Me and the man that I am are just about all I have to give.
With God’s love, I continue to live.
Through me, His blessings continue to be bestowed.
Every day I am taught, and every day I grow.
Only through Christ, sufficient Grace He gives so much of.
I hope through these Valentine words and actions that you know…
It is the person that you are that I love.

Your Grandson,
James III


JOEY BERRIOS – A Super Bowl Champion Testimony and Story – STICK TO THE PLAN!

This is an interview I conducted with Joey Berrios, now a Software Quality Assurance Analyst for  Greenway Medical Technologies. He recently married Kelsi Rebecca Berrios, and expects his firstborn child, Jacqueline Fae Berrios, to deliver this spring. With personal stories I know in depth, Joey marks the example of diligence to stick to a plan, accomplish goals, and overcome adversity from humble beginnings. I brought attention to some of his journey through the blog because like me, I knew his story would touch and inspire many of you who face adverse times right now. We all tend to pull for the underdog. Joey represents that kind of success story that should be in one of those Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books. Read. Listen. And learn with interest and intrigue.

Q: Do you remember anything from living overseas? Was this a happy time for your family?

My family moved to Naples, Italy because that is where the Air Force sent my father in late 1984.

I remember going to the harbor with my mother. We would purchase ice cream from a street vendor nearby and watch the boats come in/out of port. I vaguely remember eating dinner at a few restaurants. I used to chase lizards that would run up and down our balcony when I went outside to play. The beach that was nearby was dirty and not really good for children to visit. I remember one of my birthdays and playing with some fellow kids we knew through other Air Force families. I was 3, almost 4, when we returned to the United States. I remember sitting and reading Disney books at the airport in Italy and looking out the window of the plane, asking my mother what trees were since I had never seen anything like them.

My mom had a difficult time adjusting to living so far away from her family. There were many events that happened while we were overseas that almost caused us to be evacuated from the country and return to the United States. Military Police frequently came by and kept the families updated on things and we practically had to have a bag packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

When we arrived in Italy, my parents had ordered furniture for our new apartment. Unfortunately, when the ship arrived, everything was destroyed. I had to sleep in a suit case since I had no crib. We only had a small heater that my parents setup to keep me warm. They chose to bare the cold and be uncomfortable.

When we returned to the United States, my mother kissed the ground and thanked God she was back home. She said being in Italy for three years took ten off of her life.

Q: How long did it take you to graduate from Auburn University with your Bachelor’s degree?

7 ½ years.

Note: At one point, Joey suffered clinical depression while in college, and therefore his grades suffered from many extenuating circumstances beyond his control. His two brothers, mother, and father moved into his studio apartment at one point as mentioned in the next questions. While growing up and once even on his own, his family often resided in one week hotels, wondering whether there would be food to eat or where next week’s rent money could come from.  

Q: Please describe in detail the circumstances when you family lived in your studio apartment at Auburn.

It was 4th of July in 2007. I called my mom to see how their holiday weekend was going and she told me things weren’t good. They had run into a financial snafu and had no money. She asked me if they could stay with me for a few days and figure things out.

Q: How long did that time last?

9 months.

Q: Were you able to focus on school then?

My mother made things difficult for me to be in the apartment, all 300 square feet of it, so I holed up in my office at work and practically lived out of it.

Q: When you wanted to quit (if you ever did want to), what motivated you to continue?

I didn’t want to end up like my parents. My dad worked two jobs to keep a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and basic survival needs. I got some things I wanted on Christmas and my birthday, but overall it was always tough and sometimes I don’t know how we got by when we did.

When my step-dad came into the picture and my brothers were born, that changed everything and added many dynamics I wasn’t ready or prepared to take on but had to anyway. I remember how much I hated being torn in so many directions: forced to be a father, husband, son, and brother against my wishes but a man does what he has to do in order to survive, even when it’s difficult. My life story isn’t original by any means.

There are many people who have survived tragedies and life changing events, and their will to live kept them alive. Despite whatever scars they bare and baggage they carry, they continue to survive and carry on as they did previously. Those are the things that kept me going. No matter how hard it was or what tragedy I faced, no matter how many times circumstances tried to beat and break me down, I continued to push forward with everything I had within me so I could one day cross the finish line. Like Jesus carrying the cross, being beaten and tortured all the way to his execution, I too carried my cross and gave it everything I had. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Q: How did you meet James Cartee?

I met James in the summer of 2008 during the Industrial Design summer studio.

Q: What most do you respect about James?

His love for God and wanting to be a better Christian. I think James is a unique guy and someone I’m happy to call my friend.

Q: Why do you consider your motto “to stick to the plan” as something everyone can aspire to?

I was going through a rough patch at Auburn and ended up driving my GPA into the ground. I was sent to Catherine Cater hall where they have specialized advisers who work with students who are on academic warning, suspension, and 2nd suspension. The idea is that they work with you and try to find out what’s the underlying cause for your struggle. They also help you find your “path” and provide all of the resources necessary to facilitate your success, whatever that may be.

My adviser, Jenn Harrison, made a little sign that said, “Stick to the Plan” and printed it off. She told me to tape it somewhere I would see it every day as a reminder that I have a plan and am progressively working towards it, even if it’s not at the speed I’d like it to move. I once heard, “A mouse will eat an elephant if you give it enough time.” That’s how life is: a giant elephant that can be consumed but not all in one sitting. Patience is a virtue we all struggle with but once you can semi-master it, tasks become water rolling off of your back like a duck.

Q: What is/was the hardest challenge you have ever faced?

I think one of the biggest challenges I face is being content/happy with what I have and not being impatient for things to “turn around” so I can be “on par” with everyone else. I grew up not having much and seeing what everyone else had made me wonder why I had to do without those things. I feel restless in my pursuit to overcome the place I was born into, which is better than probably 30% of the world (if not more) but somehow that isn’t good enough. It’s a hunger I can’t seem to satisfy, no matter how hard I try because I’m always wanting more. I don’t know if there will ever be a point in my life where I am satisfied with what I have because I know there’s something better out there waiting for me. Being content feels more like accepting defeat than appreciating what God has provided. If people who have very little to no modern convenience can be happy, why can’t I?

JC (Interviewer): I would probably say the strongest spiritual characteristic of Joey’s personality is his heart. He will help anyone in need if he can within reasonable understanding.

Q: What within you pulls you to help friends and perhaps even those less fortunate than yourself?

The life I lived growing up, the injustices I faced from my mother, the types of people I have come across as an adult, the wrongs I have experienced, the hurt I’ve endured, and the mistakes I can’t take back are all things that have shown me what life is like. There are a lot of bad things in life but equally as many good; however, I tend to hold onto the bad more so than the good because it keeps me alive. It reminds me of what NOT to say, do, or become. It’s the cross that I have been given to bear.

I didn’t choose to take on this task; however I think it chose me. God will present you with many trials and tribulations. He will push you until you are on the brink of fracturing into a million pieces. He will load your plate up until you think you don’t have room for another morsel, but it’s all in good intention.

And because of these personal insights, I desire to be the best friend a person can have. I know what it feels like to be let down. If I can help it, I do not want to be that person.

If you would like to reach Joey Berrios for any reason, including but not limited to freelance HTML coding projects and ministry interviews, his email is He welcomes a good challenge to support his new family and further pursue his dreams to provide as a new father.

The James Cartee Teaching and Learning Philosophy – Today we bring out the best in you…

This video will fire you up if anything does – great words of encouragement from many different movies!

Today we bring out the best in you…

I believe education is the one value and resource no one can take away from you. When you earn your degree, the accomplishment remains something that will endure for the rest of your life. I advocate for any achievement that better enhances your life in a creative learning process. Often our lives do not exist for our own ambitions but rather those who depend on us for basic necessities (often in a family unit). A degree in today’s world leads as the first step to a successful working career. I teach for those who reach for that first stepping stone for a dream to become more for those we seek to serve in our everyday lives at work, home, and any environment with relational interactions.

You can never stop growing to learn, and as you learn, to teach others. We are all professors in our own right, and we can all learn from each other. Anyone you encounter in any environment has the ability and capacity to teach you something, even if just from their own life experiences. As equal individuals, I am your teacher, and in many ways, you are a teacher to others as well.

I seek to also constantly learn leadership and promote good leadership through the classroom. While experts claim to understand leadership more not than ever before in human history, I believe our society and corporate world lack leaders who walk a genuine understanding for open communication and passionate productive conflict….who welcome and encourage mistakes….and who challenge courageous innovation for new ideas and out-of-the box thinking. Leaders limit their followers when they struggle to promote growth in these passion areas.

Entitlement seems prevalent and relevant to some authorities. Job titles do not entitle anyone. Those who solely lead with the badge of authority fail to comprehend that examples with great encouragement inspire and speak to individuals. With my influence as an instructor, I seek to touch the inner leader in my students who hope to change lives in the everyday career they pursue, perhaps one day in a management leadership position to impact those under them.

George Petrie (1945) states in the Auburn University Creed the following: “I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.” An education is not given to any one of us freely. We pay for it with our own opportunity costs of time and a financial investment. It is something you earn through hard work, sometimes stretching beyond what we consider ourselves capable of. We discover our innermost potential through a good education. We discover how to work harder than perhaps we ever have. I know personally that graduate school was a challenge unlike any I ever faced, and teaching Deaf children at The Alabama School for the Deaf brought new insight to different paradigms never before experienced by me. Education changes the way we view the world.

In addition to George Petrie, Tim Tebow (NFL quarterback for the New York Jets, 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner, and Florida Gators 2006 and 2008 National College Champions) says in his autobiography, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Talent cannot go a long way solely by itself, but refined talent with hard work will go much farther. While those naturally gifted will more than likely succeed, eventually those who work hard with less talent will push the barrier to break the threshold ahead. I firmly believe that when we push to do our very best, we far outreach those who “get by.” No one remembers the person who “gets by.” Many remember the legacy of those who believe in hard work and pursue it in any and every endeavor in life.

Make today the best day of your life by giving this classroom and your degree the very best you have. With the investment of your education, your career will attain higher heights. It is where dreams and leaders are born for those who take this opportunity seriously. I am here to teach, mentor, and bring that higher expectation for life out of you. It is the fourth quarter, and whether you win this game is up solely to you. Make today the best day of your life with a philosophy similar to my own…that will in turn bring out the very best in you and those who follow you with your new found talents.

I am here to drive your talents to work hard so that together we make the most of what is yet to come, your future and mine. Preparation in the present brings success in the future. The will to succeed means nothing without the will to practice and the will to prepare.

-James L. Cartee, III

While I am not a big advocate for some of the language in this video, I certainly condone the message of why we teach. I also find this slam poetry performance is worth the attention to smile with, for, and at the work of Taylor Mali.

Hope in The One Who Comes Next – Poetry by James Cartee

This photograph is just one of many taken in Peru and other areas of South America by creator of this blog, James Cartee. His work is available for view and purchase at the following website:


Hope in The One Who Comes Next – Poetry by James Cartee

I miss the sound of you
That strikes my heart.
Strings play beautiful symphony music
At the steps of your pace.
I never won with a crush
On the playground
With a wild imagination.
You would not have me
At the end of my pursuit in the chase.
I lost without remorse
For in my heart
I gave it my absolute all;
I gave it my absolute best.
I stand proud today hopeful
In the one who comes next.

With continual struggle of stagnancy
In a new home I loathe,
Even three years after last contact
Through mutual good byes,
You stand and serve
In frequent mindful imagery.
In transition as a partner in presence,
I dream you would alleviate my fallen feelings.
I was wrong to expect such from God
And from you in circumstances beyond control.
Somehow I still feel you lost,
But many choose to play it safe
Without running the risk to take ministry
To a newfound level for thousands.
I shock and shine others in unseen ways
With outgoing boldness unlike most people.
I cannot fathom a lifetime without
Service towards a higher purpose.
We serve in an army of light
For the salvation of the lost,
The plight of the fatherless,
And the next coming of The Christ.
You poisoned me with false words,
And I fell into the bear trap
Of an abyss with no end.
I imagined in a message from God
What would never be.
If only you saw what I see,
Then hearts connect for eternity.
It no longer matters what you want
Because together we serve God
In His timing, in His ways,
And to the very end of our earthly days.
You missed the journey,
And now I gallop into the sunset
With my White Knight,
Unstoppable alone until the end comes.

I miss the sound of you
That strikes my heart.
Strings play beautiful symphony music
At the steps of your pace.
I never won with a crush
On the playground
With a wild imagination.
You would not have me
At the end of my pursuit in the chase.
I lost without remorse
For in my heart
I gave it my absolute all;
I gave it my absolute best.
I stand proud today hopeful
In the one who comes next.

JLC iii, 11/9/12

My Friend Larry Bergeron from A Child’s Hope International – Orphan Sunday Series, Part 1


For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality nor takes a bribe. He administers justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing. Deuteronomy 10:17-19 (NKJV)

Orphan Sunday, occuring on November 4, 2012, is a national movement joined by churches all over the world usually though an organization known as The Christian Alliance for Orphans. These three upcoming blog entries introduce three dear friends I met through this Alliance with brief information about their respective organizations.

I met Larry Bergeron briefly at Summit 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. Larry introduced to me his vitamin formula that sufficientlys feed thousands of orphans and fatherless children all over the world. He graciously gave me a sample of his formula package. Larry and I connected through a supernatural love for the orphan and stayed constantly in touch through our mutual love for writing. I sent Larry a copy of my twenty three poem collection, Veintitres: From the Beginning (First Edition), and he was touched so much by a specific poem in the book, What I Don’t Deserve, listed below, enough to then publish it in his own book and biography memoir.


What I Don’t Deserve


What I don’t deserve you give me with each breath that I take.
What I don’t deserve is your never-changing love that echoes through all eternity
And cradles me with a hundred blessings every morning that I wake.

What I don’t deserve you give me without hesitation.
What I don’t deserve is my passion that you push to the limits
And the fire that burns within my heart intense with inspiration.

What I don’t deserve is your love that I cannot dare to fully comprehend.
What I don’t deserve is the gift you sent to change the histories of all mankind forever
And pay the debt of so many hearts to mend.

What I don’t deserve are the blessings you lay upon me in the measurements of time.
What I don’t deserve is the continuance of happy thoughts that always seem to be present
And the ladders of tribulation you strengthen me to finish in the life that I climb.

What I don’t deserve is the Spirit who intercedes on my behalf in the midst of my guilt-driven shame.
What I don’t deserve is the extravagance of a Kingdom that I will enter
And the open arms waiting when you call me by my heavenly name.

JLC iii, 2/6/07


Larry kindly quoted my published poem in his published book, Journey to the Fatherless, where Larry pours his heart out to readers with faith, logic, and powerful emotions to view childrens’ suffrage as he and I do. You see Larry’s inner spirit pours passions onto those around him. I noticed that Spirit-filled aura about him the first time I met him.

This biography information was taken from the A Child’s Hope International website:

Larry’s story was more turbulent as he was an agnostic for many years of his adult life. He earned three degrees in electronic engineering, twelve patents, spoke at international conferences, wrote numerous journal articles and published one book on digital communications.

Several have cursed his pioneer work in the development of voice mail systems which are so prevalent today. As he climbed the corporate ladder, becoming a vice president for a large, well known American company, his agnostic views and attack on the veracity of the Bible were frequent. He was driven by power, prominence and prestige – and money. As many know first hand, the drive for success can be a destructive force and it was for him as well.

Although wealthy and successful (by the standards of many), there was a growing sense of emptiness in his life. As he strove for even more power, he was becoming more of an angry person at the same time. He viewed Christianity as a crutch for weak people and cursed those who would try and reason with him. About 20 years ago, through a strange and fortunate set of “circumstances”, he eventually stopped running from the Hound of Heaven and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Like so many of us in our journey for Christ, God grabbed Larry through his love, grace, and mercy. Eventually Larry could not run away from the plan God had for his life to touch thousands that live without. And so he formed with the full support of his wife, A Child’s Hope International, where he now serves as the Executive Director. Larry gave God everything, potentially what could have culminated into thousands of dollars. Now that is what I call a warrior of Christ! I encourage you as a reader of my blog possibly buy his book and visit the website of his organization and cause. As I know Larry, you will also get to know the hero I have come to love and respect. Here’s to you Larry for your deeds and your ministry!

You may learn more about Larry’s organization at the following website:

If you would like to more about Larry’s book, Journey to the Fatherless, for possible purchse, then the following website is available: