December 17, 2017


James Cartee finished his undergraduate degree in Marketing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2006, a place that his heart still considers home. He then completed a master’s degree at Auburn University in Communication after working for one year at the Alabama School for the Deaf.

James has been writing poems about pretty girls since the sixth grade, eventually publishing three poetry and photography books in addition to his fourth literature piece. James’s memoir is about his difficulties living with bipolar disorder and overcoming the adversity faced when diagnosed with a mental illness, titled One Flight Short of a Cuckoo’s Nest: How Anyone with A Mental Illness Can Survive, Resurrect, and Inspire.

He has backpacked across the country, driving an Oldsmobile Alero through blizzards and sand storms, and then internationally traveled through mountains in both Europe and South America.

American Sign Language is James’s favorite language. His contagious enthusiasm for life and Jesus Christ is evident in all the things that he pursues. He enjoys any endeavor that utilizes imagination and the creative process. James is an advocate for the disabled and the fatherless, an author, a photographer, an inspirational speaker, an event planner, a professional blogger, and an avid Auburn Tigers and Chattanooga Mocs fan and enthusiast.