December 17, 2017

My Sister, Allison – If given a superhero identity, her name would be “The Courageous Encourager!”


Sisters possess this amazing rockstar steady encouragement factor! When I have been clinically depressed many times in my past life, Allison, my sister, has been there to listen, there to encourage, and there to hold my hand in efforts to comfort me, even if just over the phone, because distance would not allow us to be together.

For this attribute and many other honorable traits she exemplifies, I dedicated my third major poetry and photography book, Eighteen Blessed Detours, to her.

Recently I have not been myself. That is the curse of an ailment I cannot often control, an illness that sucks the life out of me, sometimes on a daily occurrence. The remembrance of my sister laughing, playing, and even cheerleading makes me feel a little bit better these days. Like Peter Pan, she is part of my happy thoughts as a steady encourager.

It is not as though I do not count my blessings. It just feels like a cloud hangs over my head that never lets daylight in, until of course, I talk to Allison, and even more recently, Lisa, my fiancé. As my top two personal fans, they both have a way with words to make me feel a little less down.

In the fight against what sometimes feels like constant drag of stagnancy, Allison reminds me that God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives. She is like Joel Osteen with a white shiny smile and hairdo that constantly looks great on camera and video.

Allison is an amazing mother. She is a rising star in her business as an entrepreneur. She is additionally an awesome sibling and constant foothold of strength for those who need a reminder that when we think we no longer can, God can! And sisters serve as the guardian angels to show that God absolutely can!

Better than a Joel Osteen glimmering example of excellent dental hygiene, Allison is also like a Granger Smith “Backroad Song” that we sing at the top of our lungs in a Voltswagon Jetta as the smell of sand and South Carolina beaches surround us in scenery and sight. With a cooler filled in blue iced cans, sisters just cheer brothers up with cold beer drinking in savored marshmellow meadows and classic country playing in the backdrop on scratchy old car speakers.

Sisters are courageous, masterful encouragers in hard times. Somehow, in tears or in smiles, they hold brothers together. They try their best to empathize. They support. They reassure. And perhaps most importantly, they restore faith when all seems lost.

Yes, if I could give Allison a superhero identity, I would name her “The Courageous Encourager,” because for me, she really is my constant courageous encourager.




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